When Plastic Ponies was first created a few years ago, it was common to have both a paid version and a free version of an app, with the free version supported by advertising. At that time Apple provided advertising, but soon afterwards they stopped and I didn't want to use 3rd party advertising.  So now, to differentiate the 2 versions of Plastic Ponies, I made the in-app purchase prices lower for the paid version, and that is the only difference between them.

The Reason There Are 2 Very Similar Plastic Ponies Apps

Plastic Ponies Status, January 5, 2019

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you are having issues, at sanelady@getTheCrazyLadyACoffee.com.


For several months I've been contemplating a request to add model numbers to the Traditional catalog. I think it's a good idea.  The issue is how to modify the models in the catalog by adding model numbers but still have them agree with your collection;  once the catalog model names are changed by including model numbers, they won't agree with your model list and they won't have a checkmark in the catalog.  I have an idea of how to handle this, but implementation will take some time.

An update to add all the recent models is underway and should be ready within a few days.​​